15 February 2012

Huevos con Chile or Mexican Scramble

I love breakfast, can't go without it.  My favourite breakfast would be Friday. A friend and I take turns at picking somewhere new each week for breakfast. It is the perfect end to the week and the perfect start to the impending weekend and what's not to love about trying all sorts of different cafes all over town? There's certainly more on offer than fruit and cereal or bacon and eggs. The bar on breakfast has most certainly been raised.

Some of my favourites...and just to note good coffee, a good long black, goes without saying, it is a non negotiable prerequisite for a good breakfast.

Queenies Lunchroom: the Turkish eggs remain my favourite breakfast....ever.

24a Spring Street, Freemans Bay, 

Richmond Road Cafe: interesting and varied menu and I love their avocado herb crush.  Other temptations Richmond Rd crumpets with  whipped blackberry butter and beech wood honey or kumara rosti, warm spinach salad, black truffle oil and free range poached egg. And not to mention a beautiful array of home baking.

Richmond Road Cafe
318 Richmond Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland

Takapuna Beach Cafe: such an extensive menu and right by the beach, but get there early to secure a spot. On the menu Moroccan eggs with spiced tomato & du puy lentil braise and sourdough or how about roast portobello mushrooms, Grana Pandano cream bechamel gratin, black truffle oil and sourdough or the one I couldn't go past Agria potato rosti, buttered spinach, carrot Jam and a free range poached egg?

22 The Promenade, Takapuna

The Shaky Isles, Kingsland a quirky menu and great coffee.

The Shaky Isles
492 New North Road, Kingsland

And if you are in Wellington...Floriditas...my favourite cafe anywhere, and yes I have waxed lyrical about it here. Love that place. It is all great.

161 Cuba Street

What are your favourite breakfast haunts?

I certainly fall on the savoury side for breakfast.  Love it European style with cold meats and cheese or eggs, any which way.  I am a big fan of eggs and rarely a day would go by without an egg.  My standard breakfast, at work post the gym would be egg on toast.  Quick and easy if you always have a stash of boiled eggs  waiting in the fridge.  I like mine just cooked through, so that the yolk is still a little viscous.  Something very satisfying to cut open a boiled egg and it is perfect, the yolk just ever so slightly oozing out all over hot buttered toast.

Huevos con Chile / Mexican Scramble

Serves 2


2 tbsp butter
1/4 red onion, finely diced
1 red chilli, finely diced (de-seed for less heat)
4 eggs
2 tbsp cream or milk
1/4 cup coriander, roughly chopped
Salt and pepper
Hot buttered toast for serving


Melt the butter in a frying pan over a low heat and add the onion.  Season with a little pinch of salt and saute the onion for a couple of minutes until translucent.  Add the chilli and the tomato and saute for another moment or two until just cooked through, stirring occasionally.

Meanwhile beat the eggs with the cream or milk and season with salt and pepper until mixed well.  Keep the frying pan on a low heat and add the egg mixture.  Stir gently until the eggs are cooked through.  It will take just a few minutes.  Just before the eggs are cooked through gently stir through the coriander.

Serve immediately with some hot buttered toast and a pot of freshly brewed coffee for quick, but satisfying weekend breakfast.

The onions and tomatoes add a little sweetness that is offset by the heat of the chilli and then their is a fresh aromatic burst from the coriander.  This could well be my new favourite take on breakfast.

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  1. Mairi, I LOVE this post - I adore breakfast and you have my mouth watering with all of your photos/descriptions of amazing breakfasts. I'm a savory breakfast gal, too - egg on toast is my daily breakfast most days, as well. What a lovely tradition of going out with your friend on Fridays! I can't think of a better way to begin the weekend. I've just finished a long black and think I'll make your Huevos con Chile while I brew another.

    1. Thanks Hannah, yes Fridays are fun & such a great way to kick off the weekend :)

  2. So interesting to think that I could have all these dishes (minus meat) for lunch or dinner, since for breakfast I eat only something small and sweet, real Italian style!

    1. Thanks Alessandra....I could eat this for lunch & dinner too :)

  3. I've just read an article in the Guardian of how British fell in love with breakfast - I think the kiwis beat the Brits hands down for the adventure of breakfasts. This looks delicious.

    1. Thanks Julie....I agree there are some really interesting dishes on offer now, bacon & eggs just doesn't really cut it :)

  4. Happy memories I did so enjoy our breakfasts out.

    1. Thanks Mum! I'll start making a list for your next visit.


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