19 August 2011

Auckland Eats - Shaky Isles & Teed Street Larder

Every Friday is breakfast day.  Since we moved offices, a friend and I pick a different place each week, or you may get a return visit if it is extra special.  Before we moved offices back in May it was the same place each Friday, which was great, but trying a new place each week is so much more fun.  We have been discovering some wonderful places for brunch and it the best way to get ready for the weekend.

The Shaky Isles

A few weeks ago it was the turn of The Shaky Isles in Kingsland.  Cafe L'Affare coffee, so that was always going to be good.  And it was a very good long black a nice crema, rich and dark and perfect to get Friday morning started.

A great  menu with all the full monty Isles have it all,  plus a variety of pikelets and crumpets. Pikelets with banana mascarpone and maple bacon or roasted strawberries and goats cheese cheesecake.  Crumpets with dates, poached pear and orange ricotta for a more savoury option kransky sausage, poached eggs and hollandaise.

If you don't like anything as is on the menu you can pick and mix from all the sides on offer...including streak bacon, ham off the bone, hot smoked salmon, avocado, tomato, rocket and mushrooms.

We opted for the bruschetta.  Grilled haloumi, avocado, fresh tomato, lime, coriander and black pepper for my breakfast buddy and for me with scrambled eggs, feta, spinach and basil pesto.

Both were delicious and great to see something different than the usual fare on a breakfast menu.  The scrambled eggs nicely offset with the feta & pesto.  And breakfast buddy loved the haloumi, avocado and tomato, bright and fresh and a real wake up call with the fresh hit of lime and spicy black pepper. So thumbs up to the Shaky Isles and their good coffee and refreshingly different menu....we will be back.

Last week we ventured to Newmarket and the Teed Street Larder.  A favourite of mine since I found it in the Metro Top 50 Cafes.  I have had many return visits and it has always been great, food and the service is always top notch. Friday didn't disappoint.

Great coffee, which is a must.  Millers, another favourite of mine and up there with AllPress. Strong, dark and with a little hot water on the side. There is a huge array of home baking on offer depending on what has just appeared out of the oven. On the black board it has all the delights on offer an the time they came out of the oven...a nice touch.

On the menu the usual suspects plus some new takes on breakfast, fresh papaya with raw honey comb, lime and buffalo yoghurt or bubble and squeak, with avocado, prosciutto, goats curd and poached eggs or roasted toulouse sausage with borlotti beans, fennel and garlic cream.  We were feeling a little indulgent so eggs benedict with crispy bacon for breakfast buddy and with black pudding for me.

Actually when looking over Metro's top 50 cafes it was the black pudding on the menu that edged it to the top of the list to try.  I guess one of those things you love or hate.  I used to be on the hate side of the fence until I actually tried and now I love it, rich, savoury and a little peppery....delicious.

These were perfectly poached eggs.  Beautifully runny golden yokes melding with the rich hollandaise, all balanced with the savoury black pudding or in breakfast buddy's case the crispy bacon.  Yes, very, very good eggs benedict.

A return visit definitely in order but while we are on a roll who knows where we may end up next week.  Watch this space.

The Shaky Isles
492 New North Road, Kingsland
Phone: 09 815 3951

Teed Street Larder
7 Teed Street, Newmarket
Phone: 09 524 8406


  1. Wow, can you eat all that for breakfast? I can only have a caffellatte and maybe a biscuit... I may check those places out for lunch, if the offer all those things until late :-).

  2. I love the sound of all of those crumpet dishes, seem to be back in fashion which I am happy about.

  3. @Alessandra One breakfast treat a week....so look forward to it :)

  4. @peasepudding Yep I love crumpets...so retro & so back in fashion.

  5. oh my the thought of those crumpets has me a little week at the knees. crumpets are my ultimate comfort food - reminiscent of long ago wintery Sunday nights when we were allowed the rare privelege of eating dinner cosied up to the lounge fire - bowls of hot homemade tomato soup with melted cheese and crumpets toasted over the fire and served with lashings of butter and honeydew honey. I've forwarded your post to a friend and demanded it be put on the list for my next foray to Auckland

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