24 September 2011

Auckland Eats - Queenie's Lunchroom

A Friday breakfast a few weeks ago found me and my breakfast buddy at Queenies Lunchroom.  The cutest little place just off College Hill in Ponsonby.  It is ever so quaint, and a little kitsch, but ever so charmingly kitsch. Lots of vintage china and even a chandelier made from a deer's antlers.  Somehow it all works and very much has a tearoom, or lunchroom, from a bygone era feel.

As always first order of the day was coffee and it arrived as it should, strong and black with a nice crema on the top.  Hot water on the side too, which is always a good sign.  So we were off to a very good start.

There is an array of wonderful home baking on offer from cakes and slices to scones.  However we were their for breakfast.  Eggs and toast of course on offer, even boiled egg and soldiers, a childhood and adult favourite of mine.  Other than that a menu all her own.  On the sweet side of things homemade Queenies granola with raspberries, honey & yoghurt and crumpets with lemon curd, mascarpone and berries.  Definitely think a return visit is in order for the crumpets, but I was more in the mind for something savoury.  

Not the usual fare on offer, a cassoulet with chorizo and cannellini beans, a fried egg and toast or huevos rancheros fried eggs on a corn tortilla with spicy tomato salsa and crème fraiche.  An omelette with smoked fish, spring onions, capers and cream cheese.  I was very tempted by the Kosheri - Egyptian rice and lentils with spinach and a tomato, avocado & yoghurt salad, but neither me or my breakfast buddy could go past the Turkish eggs; poached eggs with babaghanoush, yoghurt, hot chilli butter and toast.

Heavenly, the best breakfast, well certainly a favourite.  The eggs perfectly poached with a runny yolk,  a little heat from the chilli, cool fresh tartness from the yoghurt and the creamy babaghanoush underneath all melding with that golden, runny yolk. Only one word really, and yes that is delicious. Turkish toast on the side slather in butter not half bad either.

So a return visit to Queenies Lunchroom will be most definitely be in order.

Check out those yolks!


24a Spring Street, Freemans Bay,
Auckland, New Zealand

Serving Refreshments Daily
from 7 o'clock to 3.30 Monday through Friday,
from 8 o'clock to 3.30 Saturday & Sunday

Telephone: (09) 378 8977
Email: allana@queenieslunchroom.co.nz


  1. I've heard good things about this place, I love that they serve huevos rancheros - wish more cafes did!

  2. Mairi, you made me so hungry reading your post! Well, I would love to try what you had. I love perfectly poached eggs with runny yolks. I'll most likely have the cassoulet of chorizo and beans as well. Little person, big eater.

  3. Great find - I am very KEEN to check it out!

  4. I finally went to Queenie's last time I was up in Auckland. Had the fish pie which was delicious but I keep wanting to have those gorgeous-looking Turkish eggs. I might just have to try to create them at home (or make another trip up)!

  5. Your photo of poached eggs has me drooling! Sounds like a heavenly dish, as the others. I would love to eat here someday!


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