18 March 2014

Auckland Eats:Cafe Viet

Café Viet…there has been quite a buzz recently.  Everyone seems to be talking about & I finally made it along there last Friday night for an early dinner; they just managed to squeeze 2 of us in at 6:30pm.  With cyclone Lusi on the horizon we were very happy to be settled in inside in amongst the fairy lights & brightly coloured cushions. And then there was the menu; focusing on fresh & traditional Vietnamese dishes bursting with flavour & fresh herbs & spices. We wanted to try just about everything but that would really have been a case of eyes being bigger than the belly.  A repeat visit will be in order to continue the Vietnamese journey.

We couldn’t even really make it past the small plates, with 4 of them & 1 main we were well & truly sated & satisfied.  To start some fresh rice paper rolls with prawns & braised pork that were bright & fresh & served alongside some classic nuoc mam.  I would have like it a little spicier but each to their own when it comes to heat.  Next the Café Viet’s spring rolls.  These were a real treat; golden & crispy fried spring rolls filled with diced pork & prawn wrapped in fresh rice paper rolls & herbs for a freshness alongside the crunchy crispiness.

Mini rice cakes were topped with a prawn, spring onion & mung beans for a tasty little morsel.  These were dipped in nuoc mam & popped whole in to our hungry mouths to be devoured. Alongside these a basket of Bang Bang prawns covered in crispy batter with a coconut & lemongrass  dipping sauce that packed a wonderful punch & a good hit of chilli & is what made these more than just deep fried prawns.  Not that there is actually anything wrong with deep fried prawns!

The one dish that we sample from the mains was the grilled lemongrass chicken. The chicken was full of that wonderful lemongrass flavour & it came served with a cold rice noodle & herb salad topped with crushed peanuts & a couple of little curry puffs.  Little pockets of light pastry stuffed with curried vegetables that were quite the little treat.

There was just no room to even pursue the dessert menu, our bellies were happy & full.  Café Viet is a happy little place, food is bright & fresh & we had the loveliest service from a very sweet little lady.

However I must go back for the pho bo, that traditional savoury beef noodle soup & the crispy rice flour crepe that is stuffed with braised port, prawns, sprouts & fresh herbs.

Café Viet is one busy little place these days so be sure to book so that you don’t miss out.

Café Viet
2 Surrey Crescent
Grey Lynn

Ph:09 378 8738


  1. Yum, everything looks super fresh. The lemongrass chicken takes my fancy!

    1. It was so delicious Lucy, I'm sure you'd love it.


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