06 August 2013

Bites & Bobs 05:08:2013


I want to eat these noodles. They do indeed look & sound insanely good.  Fried garlic & charred chilli...what is not to love? 

And for a little more spice I am going to have to try Hannah's Fiery Jalapeno Sauce.

And for a little sweetness I most definitely like the look of Alessandra's Chocolate, Vanilla, Cream & Grappa Desserts.

And what have I been eating... 

A little addicted to the dumplings at The Blue Breeze Inn. The tiger prawn & coriander dumplings are impossibly moreish, I could scoff buckets off them morning, noon or night.

Another welcome addition to the Auckland food scene is Michael Van De Elzen's Food Truck Garage where you can indulge in burgers & fries that are both delicious & good for you!  Not a deep fat fryer on the premises.  My favourite the beefroot burger; beef & beetroot with lettuce, tomato, gherkins, ketchup on a wholemeal spelt bun.  And on the side baked chips, skin on agria potatoes, swedes & beets with lime emulsion.

On the decadent side there is Milse - & decadent these desserts are. It is an Alice in Wonderland cornucopia of dessert heaven, hidden away in a corner at the Pavillions at Britomart. And don't forget if you're at Ortolana you can order your dessert from Milse!


I want: to throw a Gatsby Party! In the meantime I got to go to one.

Andy Warhol - Immortal at Te Papa - iconic images & on until 25th August.
The Great Gatsby - visually spectacular, I know there are critics out there, but I loved it! 

And so far at the NZ International Film Festival...
Mud - beautifully filmed coming of age story & great performance by Matthew McConnaughey.
Dial M For Murder - the Hitchcock classic.
The Bling Ring - one crazy ride! You just could not make this stuff up...who would have thought celebrities would just leave the doors of their palatial mansions in the Hollywood Hills open or their keys under the mat??
What Maisie Knew - touching, harrowing, heart warming. Onata Aprile as Maisie steals every scene.
The East - eco come environmental terrorists holding the bad guys to account. Can 2 wrongs make a right?
I'm So Excited - if the Bling Ring was a crazy ride this one is insane! Pedro Almodovar & sex, drugs & rock 'n' roll, well the Pointer Sisters at 30,000 feet in the air as an airplane tries for an emergency landing. Hilarious.
To The Wonder...by the same director as The Tree of Life, for me I'll just leave it as almost the same as Tree of Life, & that is not a good thing!

Travels: Wellington! Read all about it here & here.

Watching: Scandal & House of Cards...highly addictive, completely engrossing, fabulous television. And Suits is back! Oh Harvey Specter I did miss you...does anyone wear a suit better??

White Slave Marco Pierre White - interesting to see how the original enfant terrible of British cooking climbed to the lofty heights of Michelin star stardom
Dr Libby’s Rushing Women’s Syndrome - inspiring & possibly life changing.
On Beauty by Zadie Smith - beautifully written.


  1. Hi Mairi, I love reading about all you've been seeing/eating/doing...where do I begin? How cool you went to a Gatsby party! Love the photos. We saw The Bling Ring, too, in the Seattle Film Festival - wow, unbelievable. And I'm hooked on House of Cards! You've been busy with so much fun indulgence. Thank you for mentioning the jalapeno sauce and I hope you like it!

    1. Thanks Hannah :) A busy month or 2 for sure! But so much fun to be had. I am sure I will love the sauce, just need to order in some jalapeños!


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