01 October 2012

Chilli Cashew Beef with Broccolini & Green Beans

Sometimes you arrive home, it’s been a long and stressful day, your energy evaporated sometime mid afternoon and you would just like dinner to miraculously appear as if by magic, but it doesn’t.   I find then that it is easy to resort to something on toast.  Cheese, scrambled eggs or peanut butter (it has to be crunchy); all are comfort food for me and I think for the most part better than takeaway or some carb, salt and sugar laden ready meal.  What are your go to comfort foods?

The last few months have seen more than a few of these days; looking for a new job, finding one that you really, really want and then the interview process, the thinking you are almost there but not wanting to count your chickens or jinx it so to speak.  I really am terribly superstitious, no matter how irrational it is,  I can’t seem to convince myself otherwise. My mind always wants to prepare for the worst case scenario, as that will somehow stop it from actually happening. Then you finally get the call that you have indeed got it! The joy, the relief, a huge weight off your shoulders.  However, then there’s the handing in the resignation and trying to stay focused, while each day you feel a little more disconnected, and really all you want to do is sprint to the finish line and begin the next chapter.  It is true good things come to those who wait and this week we start that new chapter.

Well, this dinner takes only the 15 minutes it takes for the rice to cook, so not something you will have to wait too long for.  The most effort required is chopping a few vegetables, a task that I find oddly relaxing and satisfying. Your body and mind will thank you for it.  Fresh, bright, fragrant and a little spicy it will nourish body and mind, perfect post a long day.

Chilli Cashew Beef with Broccolini and Green Beans


Serves 2

3 tbsp rice bran or vegetable oil
2-3 red chillies, sliced (de-seed depending on your desire, or lack of, for heat)
3 cloves garlic, sliced
Bunch green beans, trimmed and sliced length ways
Bunch broccolini, trimmed and sliced length ways
300g eye fillet, thinly sliced
Salt and pepper
1/2 cup, cashews, toasted
A few basil leaves to garnish
Perfect rice, to serve


Heat 2 tablespoons of the oil in a medium frying pan over a medium heat and add the garlic and chilli.  Cook for a couple of minutes, being careful not to burn the garlic.  Add the green beans and broccolini and stir fry for 2-3 minutes.  

Meanwhile in another frying pan add 1 tablespoon of oil and heat over a high heat. Season the beef with salt and pepper and flash fry for a minute.  Don’t overcrowd the frying pan as we want seared rather than stewed. If need be flash fry the beef in a couple of batches.

Quickly toss the beef with the vegetables and toasted cashews and top with some basil leaves.

Serve immediately with perfect rice.  Jasmine would be perfect.  Bright and fresh this will waken up your taste buds.

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  1. Dishes like this one are absolute favorites of mine for comfort and nourishment. Congratulations on your new chapter!

    1. Thanks Hannah, week one was full on, but reckon I am going to love it :) Life is good!

  2. That dish looks so good... I'd like to have it right now for breakfast. My go-to fast food dinner is corn chips and salsa. Crunchy, spicy and no need for cutlery.

    1. Hi Sue, ah yes corn chips & salsa...that also works for me...any sort of chips & dips really :)

  3. Good tasty and quick meal, my comfort food is alway chocolate I'm afraid although I have been sneaking out to buy fresh oyster lately for a cheeky mid week scoff. See you at Al's soon.

    1. Yes....we must sort out a date with Al & some oysters!!! I think I have recovered from last weeks foray in my journey to love oysters!

  4. Eggs are most definitely my comfort food although I agree that this recipe will do more good to comfort by sharpening the taste and re-energising.

    1. Hi Julie, and it is super quick! But I did resort to eggs for dinner twice this week!


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