29 August 2012

Favourite Bites & Bobs August 2012


I will be making some of these pickles from Honey & Jam very soon.

And more on the pickle theme...craving these spicy pickled green beans & jalapenos from Blue Kale Road. These may well make an appearance on the weekend.

And this from White on Rice is inspiring me to get ready to plant tomatoes.

Spring is only days away meaning it is only a matter of time until asparagus is gracing us with its presence, and what better way to celebrate it’s arrival than with this from Jamie over at Life’s a Feast.  Perfect simplicity.


Week 2 of the NZ International Film Festival....it seems an age ago but in reality only a few weeks have passed since it was movies every night . Roll on 2013 it was quite a festival this year.

Diana Vreeland - The Eye has to Travel - A look at the life and work of the influential fashion editor of Harpers Bazaar. Amazing lady and a fascinating and captivating documentary.
On the Road - Jack Kerouac's classic novel comes to the big screen.  I loved this one.  Stunning cinematography, a great cast and a road trip that captures a bygone era and the beat generation.
The Loneliest Planet - my 2012 Tree of Life moment....adapted from a short and it should have stayed that way! A local guide takes a young couple through a backpacking trip through the Georgian mountains. It is a long, long trek and for me this one was snooze worthy
No - Serious and funny all at the same time as a a creative ad executive come up with a campaign to defeat General Pinochet in the '70s.

Auckland Art Gallery - If you haven’t been...go!  It is just a wonderful space.  At the moment Home Auckland is featuring and it is well worth a look. An exhibition of contemporary Pacific art featuring many Pacific artists that live in Auckland.

Some stunningly sunny days to farewell winter and after an inspiring talk from Kaye at Grow from Here we will be getting in to the garden and the herb garden and raised beds will hopefully soon be flourishing rather than weed filled.

And a little bit of home beautifully photographed by Tartelette.

Je t’aime Paris.... I want to go back thanks to these beautiful photos from At Down Under I am transported for a few moments.

And of course our second annual NZ Food Blogger Conference.  What an amazing 2 days Shirleen over at Sugar & Spice and All Things Nice and Alli from Pease Pudding put on in Wellington.  Inspiring, filling and wonderful to catch up with old friends and such a pleasure to meet new ones.  More on the feasting and the inspiring to come soon! In the meantime here are a few photos.


  1. What an inspiring post- like you I am still buzzing after the conference last week and have a hankering to get into the garden... And make mozzarella... And dumplings... And now pickles! I wonder what kind of cheese they'd go with? Lucy

    1. I reckon all sorts of cheese! And I must must get round to making mozzarella!! And weeding the garden....it is a jungle out there!!

  2. Hi Mairi. Such a great bunch of people at the conference in the weekend.
    I saw the Diana Vreeland doco at nzff - what a character! - and for some reason The Loneliest Planet description really appealed but I never made it... thanks for allowing me to cancel that regret!
    I was hoping to get some asparagus for a meal this Sunday, but that might be a bit early. Will definitely try that Life's A Feast recipe... Claire

    1. Hi Claire....for some reason this had gone to spam! Yes it was an amazing weekend! And you must be cooking some asparagus now :)

  3. I saw this post on my phone last week and thought, 'where did you get asparagus?'. Please advise the minute you find some and I will send my courier!
    p.s Dean was AH-MAZING, you would have loved him. And Ruth. Super fun day. Think we should arrange launch bash there. Go on, you have the power to arrange these things!

    1. That would be last year's asparagus! Art of Produce reckon 4 weeks :) Sounds like amazing day....I am always up for anything food as you know but not sure if I have the pull for Dean & Ruth! I am off to hands on Masterclass with Josh Emett tomorrow.... :)


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