09 August 2012

Auckland Eats - Depot

I have been to Depot a few times, well maybe more than a few times.  I don’t think anyone who has been there has a bad thing to say...more often than not they will start listing their favourite dishes whether it be the turbot sliders or the snapper tacos or both!  The potato skins with aged Gouda and porcini salt have also made it on to the list of  must haves.
My most recent visit was with Kristina from Plum Kitchen one Friday evening and our timing was perfect as we got the best seat in the house, the bar looking right in to the kitchen (and the best light for taking a few photos!).  A sea of calm that produces platefuls and platefuls of wonderful food, the only draw back is seeing plates that you haven’t ordered....next time!  You can’t book so timing is of the essence, pre 6pm you should be fine to secure a spot, any later and there may well be a lengthy wait.

Day or night Depot is buzzing.  To ease in to the weekend a couple of glasses of bubbly and some lebanese bread and hummus while we decided what plates to share.  Depot is just that plates to share which is great as it means you get to taste twice as many dishes and that is only a good thing here.
First a little NZ meat board with Waikanae pork salami, paprika beef, Akaroa bresola, wild rabbit rillette and cherry relish.  And on the side pickles and a fiery habanero mustard.  are great my favouirte the wild rabbit rillette with a little of the cherry relish a top crispy crostini.  The rillette is rich and the relish sweet and bursting with cherry flavour.  

To follow the turbot sliders.  These are a favourite and they never fail to please.  Perfectly cooked fish with a little pickled lemon mayo and a little pepper watercress on the cutest little bite sized brioche buns. Alongside the sliders pork carnitas with a tomatillo salsa.  The salsa bright and fresh with a little zing the perfect accompaniment for the pork.

On the side a beet salad and some of the aforementioned potato skins with vintage gouda and porcini salt.  It is the porcini salt that elevates these to heavenly potato skins, it adds a wonderful savouriness that works wonders with the potato skins and the gouda.

We were going to pass on dessert, but the lovely chef, and he was quite lovely, gave us one to try. Tamarillo compote topped with a creamy foam and sprinkled with crystallised sugar and chocolate for a little sweet crunch. The perfect end to a perfect evening. And this just in the snapper tacos are back! They have had a little vacation and now make a very welcome return....another visit to Depot is in order even if just to have a few of those, they are that good.  Crispy battered fish with slaw all wrapped up in a soft tortilla...perfection!

26 Federal St, Auckland CBD, ph (09) 363-7048.
Monday to Friday, 7am to late; Saturday, Sunday, 10am to late.


  1. Beautiful pics, thanks again, fab food & company:) and yes that chef was quite lovely;)

  2. Oh that food looks to die for! Considering it's so close to my bus stop, I'm surprised I've never been there before -it looks like I must stop there soon though (the potato skins sound really yummy)!


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