28 October 2014

Thai Chicken with Crunchy Asian Slaw

This is a great speedy supper for the longer lighter, though not quite warmer days. I’ve still had the heat pump on  & been snuggled in my big fluffy, cosy dressing gown this past weekend so a little hit of heat from the chilli & sriracha was most definitely welcome.  In fact writing this now I’m all snuggled & cosy under the heat pump. We’ve just had Labour weekend here, which is the kind of unofficial official start of the summer season, traditionally the weekend to plant tomatoes in time for a summer crop. 

Testament to the chilliness…this is the prime directly under the heat pump spot…

However there seems to be some wires crossed somewhere & it still somewhat not very summer like. We’ve yet to have more than the odd day of balmy evenings, not that that will stop us getting the BBQ out!  There’s been BBQing in the wind & rain as we defy mother nature.  Handily the BBQ doubles as an outdoor heater so we’re all good there.

Light, a little sweet, a little aromatic & with a spicy kick this chicken packs a punch with sweet chilli sauce, sriracha, kaffir lime, lemongrass & fresh ginger.  I’ve been buying up ginger at every opportunity as new season ginger has just arrived here.  Quite different from the usual dried specimens on offer; it’s light & bright & a little shiny. I’m just going to keep buying it & freezing it. You can then just grate it whenever you need it to add a little zing to all sorts.

Thai Chicken with Crunchy Asian Slaw, adapted just a little from Healthy Food Guide

For the chicken
4 skinless chicken breasts
4 tbsp sweet chilli sauce*
2 tbsp sriracha
1-2 stalks lemongrass smashed & finely chopped
1 tbsp fresh ginger
2 kaffir lime leaves, stem removed & very finely chopped
1 tbsp olive oil
Pinch of salt

*I like Culley’s - good kiwi stuff!

For the slaw
¼ red cabbage, thinly sliced on mandoline or with very sharp knife
¼ white cabbage, thinly sliced on mandoline or with very sharp knife
2 carrots, grated or do it in a moment in food processor*
2 spring onions, chopped
1 red or green chilli sliced, seeded or not depending on how much heat you like
6 tbsp rice wine vinegar
2 tbsp lime juice
1 tsp brown sugar
Salt & pepper

2 cups cooked white rice**
Coriander leaves & chilli

*Again my nifty Russell Hobbs lent a hand here, that little bowl on top is just the ticket to quickly get grated carrots in seconds.

**For perfect rice go here, seriously perfect every time.


Score each chicken breast. Mix all the marinade ingredients together & pour over the chicken.  Give it a bit off massage to make sure it is well coated & pop in the fridge to marinate for at least 30 minutes or overnight if organised!

For the slaw place the cabbage, carrots, spring onion & chilli in a bowl & mix together.  Pour over the rice wine vinegar, lime juice, sugar & toss everything together.  Taste & season with salt & pepper.

You can grill chicken on the BBQ or on a griddle pan or even pop it in the oven.  To grill, cook for 10 minutes or so until cooked through & the juices run clear.  To oven bake pop in a 180C/350F oven for 15-20 minute, again until cooked through & the juices run clear.

Serve the chicken with the rice & slaw & scatter over some coriander & sliced chillies.

For all things Russell Hobbs head here.


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