03 August 2014

Apple & Raspberry Crumble

Sunday lunch on a Winter’s day & a sudden hankering for crumble.  What’s not to love about a fruity delight topped with crunchy, toasty, nutty crumble & sticky & sweet juices bubbling up & over? Warm, sweet & terribly comforting topped with a billowy dollop of whipped cream it is most definitely terribly moreish.  So when I say serves 4, perhaps that is 3 or even 2....

A fruity little crumble can be whipped up in no time at all really, with whatever fruit is in season or frozen.  I felt like a little raspberry to brighten up this crumble alongside the apple & being in the depths of winter here in New Zealand there are none so a packet of frozen raspberries was just the trick to allow us a little taste of Summer.

This crumble is not overly sweet as I’m not a fan on overly sweet & not so keen on overloading with sugar either for that matter.  So if you feel it is not quite sweet enough feel free to add a little more sugar.  Rather than just flour & sugar I love the extra texture & crunch the rolled oats & nuts deliver on top.  You could whiz the butter & flour in a food processor,  but then you would have to wash said food processor & it can make for a very fine crumble, a little too fine for me so I prefer to rub by hand.  For me crumble should be a little rustic with little toasty nuggets here & there giving that wonderfully crunchy toppingit's those crunchy bits that are the best bits! I'll always go for the toastiest most crumbly bit of crumble.

Apple & Raspberry Crumble

*this is a humble crumble so feel free to mix it up with whatever you have on hand.  A little vanilla would work with the fruit & crushed hazelnuts in the topping. This is for 3-4 depending on how hungry & how many you are feeding.  Just up the quantities if you’re feeding pudding lovers or a crowd.

Serves 4


Juice & zest of 1 lemon 
3 medium apples
2 cups frozen raspberries, thawed
Zest of 1 orange
1/4 cup coconut sugar or soft brown sugar

For the crumble 
4 tbsp spelt flour, or plain white flour is fine too
50g butter, cold & cut in to cubes
Pinch salt
1/4 cup coconut sugar or soft brown sugar
4 tbsp rolled oats
4 tbsp flaked almonds


Pre-heat oven to 180C/350F

Zest & juice the lemon in to a medium sized bowl.  Doing this first means we can throw the apples in there & they won’t go brown.  Peel, core & chop the apple in to 1cm cubes & add to the bowl with the lemon zest & juice.  Add the raspberries, orange zest & sugar & mix it all gently together.  Place the fruit in a medium sized pie dish.

Place the flour & butter in a medium sized bowl & rub together between your fingers until you have a mixture resembling coarse crumbs.  Add the salt, sugar, rolled oats & almonds & give it a good stir to mix everything together. 

Sprinkle the crumble over the top of the fruit, piling it a little higher in the  middle leaving an all important little space for all those lovely juices to bubble up & through.

Place in the oven for 25-30 minutes until the juices are bubbling up & the crumble is golden & toasty.  Let it cool a little for a few moments.  Serve with a dollop of whipped cream or ice cream whichever takes your fancy.



  1. Mmm, love raspberries in a crumble. In fact, love crumbles and agree about preferring the coarser crumble.

    1. Thanks Lesley, today's actually a day that crumble would be perfect!

  2. Lovely classic combo - a spot of brightness on a winter table.

    1. Thanks Rachel, And it is almost the Spring table!

  3. This describes my perfect kind of crumble although we ditch the flour these days and add ground almonds instead.

    1. Thanks Julie, ground almonds….love that idea must try it the next time.

  4. These is totally ridiculous and utterly amazing and I am drooling over these mouthwatering pictures.. yum yum yum!


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