30 April 2013

Bites & Bobs 30.4.2013


I want to eat this tart

I ate this at Ten24 in the Hawke’s Bay.

And this at Elephant Hill...

...with this view.

I want to be able to shop every week at the Hastings New World Supermarket!  The most wonderful, fresh local produce & wines...what a selection! Plus lovely friendly people.

St Andrew's Limes - Lime & Vanilla Bean Syrup

Orcona Chillis N Peppers - if you like chillies...annaheim, poblano, serrano, jalapeño & habanero.  I managed a haul from the Hawke's Bay Farmers Market.

Pratos et Travessas beautiful photography & recipes.  I am dying to try this pasta; rigatoni with chicken, mushrooms & chorizo & this chickpea, shrimp, arugula, roasted tomatoes and feta salad with basil vinaigrette that looks divine.

And another beautiful lunch at Ortolana, even better you can now order dessert from Milse! Valrohna, salted caramel....need I say more?? And once you have eaten all the farm to table goodness at Ortolana you don't even feel a twinge of guilt ordering dessert...it's all lovely & balanced!

Valrohna, Salted Caramel


Seeing (& laughing): At Danny Bhoy at the NZ Comedy Festival...he is always hilarious.

Travels: Hawke’s Bay, NZ in the Autumn...spectacular.

Watching: Back to the '80s & the '60s with the The Americans & Mad Men  oh so very happy that Mr Draper is back:)

Reading: Finally reading Shantaram...if you are one of the few who haven’t read it read it!


  1. Some gorgeous eats and photos, Mairi :-)

    1. Thanks Sue :) Hard to take bad pics with such stunning scenery :)


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