28 February 2013

Bites & Bobs 28.2.13


The dessert of the Summer was most definitely this pavlova...the cherry on the top, so to speak, salted caramel sauce.

Cheese please & that would be homemade mascarpone.

There’s always something here I want to make & these little bay leaf pots de creme sound divine.  I love infusing herbal flavours in to sweet.

Amazing indeed...A.maize.ing

I baked these & they are quite delicious, chewy, oaty & terribly moreish cookies.

I love bread, all sorts of bread but I am especially loving anything dark & rye at the moment. I want to bake this rye bread  

More divine inspiration from Ottolenghi...fettucine with fresh seafood & a green harissa dressing.

And for a bright & fresh nibble & a healthier option to chips & dips...this tapenade & pesto from Tom Kitchin just explode with flavour.


Seeing: Who Shot Rock n Roll at Auckland Art Gallery...any excuse to visit this beautiful space. And you have a few days to catch it if you haven't already. On until 3 March. 

Watching: Argo....amazing movie.

Reading: Tina Fey’s Bossy Pants...laugh out loud funny & irreverent, it will brighten your day.

Reading: Isaac Likes....letting a little fashion in to my life all the way from NYC.  A Kiwi making good in the Big Apple.

Visiting: Clevedon Farmers Market & quite a haul of deliciousness. The highlight tomatillos alongside heirloom tomatoes, cherries, harissa, sesame brittle, flowers, empanadas & freshly dug spuds.

Making: A little herb garden

Want to go: To the Hobsonville Farmers Market to eat Gourmet Gannet's pork pies, pasties & sausage rolls!

See: My hibiscus.


  1. Lovely round-up, Mairi, and thanks for the link to my mascarpone post.

    Love the look of those bay leaf pots de creme too, and having got a huge bag of green chillies at the market yesterday I think that green harissa might be on the menu.

    1. Welcome :) Yes I am going to have to dive in to one of those bay leaf pots de creme very soon.

  2. Your pavlova is definitely the queen of summer desserts, Mairi! I always enjoy your bits & bobs and find new inspirations. I'd love to bake those oatmeal cookies...and I've had Bossy Pants on my list for a bit. Thanks for sharing the pots de creme, too! Happy March to you!!

    1. Happy March to you Hannah, you'll be welcoming in Spring & I'll be looking forward to Autumn!

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