30 July 2012

Favourite Bites and Bobs - July 2012

And another month comes to close and we are now only a matter of weeks away from Spring and asparagus!!  Here are some favourite bites and bobs from July.
The food at Golden Dawn.  This is bar food taken to a whole new level.  Must tries include  the smoked garlic butter and bread and the St Agur blue cheese and pears with real McVities Digestives biscuits (yes the real deal no cheap imitations here!).  No one does digestives like McVities.  Other than that is one of my favourite bars, it may be on the Ponsonby strip but it is quite un-Ponsonby.  Relaxed and a little alternative with a great outdoor area, it is a hidden funky little gem.
Golden Dawn, Crossroads of Ponsonby and Richmond Road, Auckland. The entrance an unobtrusive green door just around the corner on Richmond Road.

Energiser Breakfast at Catroux....the pumpernickel rye was incredible....rich, treacly topped with pickled beetroot, smoked salmon, rocket, cottage cheese and avocado.  Along with a good strong long black the perfect start to the day.
Whittaker’s Dark Chocolate with Almonds....now all we need is a dark version of the berry biscuit....
The wonders of Scottish food... great food in Glasgow...including all the Scottish classics. 
Grown up Ice Cream from Dash and Bella Bittersweet Chocolate Almond Caramel Swirl Ice Cream, and that would be salted caramel....need I say more?  This goes to the top of the ever growing list of ice creams that must be made.

Nigella’s Salted Caramel Sauce - decadence in 5 minutes so what is not to love? The easiest caramel sauce to make and beyond delicious....warmed and drizzled over ice cream, heavenly or topping off a little apple tarte tatin.  I warn you though that is quite addictive.
My heavily laden lemon tree.

Monthly Mingle....you’ve still got time, this month is bright and yellow as a tribute to Barbara Harris, a lovely food blogger who sadly passed away after along battler with cancer. I didn’t know her well, but she always had a kind word  & reading all the tribute posts that’s just how she was, a wonderful warm woman.

If you're not failing every now and again, it's a sign you're not doing anything very innovative.  
                                                                                                             Woody Allen
Wise & inspiring words from Rosa, please read. 

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen....for a welcome does of British humour, not to mention a little Ewan McGregor.  It will uplift your spirits and you’ll leave the theatre smiling.
NZ Film Festival....so far so good with no Tree of Life experiences! NZFF has to be one of the best things about Winter and there's still a week to go if you haven't managed to get along to any movies already.
  • Bernadette - Notes on a Political Journey, a fascinating documentary on Bernadette Devlin, a feisty Irish woman and the youngest female MP in Parliament back in 1969.
  • The Angels' Share, hilarious and heartwarming Scottish comedy with a wee dram thrown in for good measure.
  • Marley - amazing and full of so many interesting and funny characters. So very sad that this life was cut so short, when so much good could have come from him being around a just a little bit longer.
  • Last Days Here, in a word insane! An aging rocker from the 70's battling decades of drug addiction to get his life back and stage a comeback. 
  • Killer Joe, also a little insane.  A violent, very violent, at times hilarious, darkly black hilarious, roller coaster of a movie with Matthew McConoaughey playing a laconic menacing, cop with a side line in murder for hire. Not for the faint hearted.

Italian issue of Taste...bursting with Italian inspiration. Some pasta making is imminent.

The latest addition to the bookshelf: The Vintage Tea Party Book...it has inspired me in to action and a pot luck afternoon tea party is on the calendar in a couple of weeks with some fellow food bloggers.  My Gran’s Wedgwood will finally get an outing!


  1. Great round-up, Mairi - plenty to inspire.

    Having serious food blogger envy though - totally wishing I could be there for afternoon tea!! Looking forward to seeing you at NZFBA though xo

    1. Thanks Sue, wish you could be here for tea too! And yes so excited to be seeing everyone at NZFBA Conf in Welly!

  2. It is truly beautiful china :-).


    1. Thanks Alessandra, hoping you will make it over to my place for some tea from the lovely china!


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