29 December 2011

Strawberry Tartlets

For dessert for the first BBQ of the season, yes that's the one that ended up indoors and more of Sunday roast, I wanted to use some more of my Supper Club loot.  This time it was the turn of Pip's strawberry jam.  I thought about swirling it through ice cream for some sort of strawberry ripple creation and I still think that would be quite delicious, not to mention quintessentially summery; all that gooey jam and plump strawberries off set with some homemade vanilla ice cream sounds like a match made in heaven to me.  However, Mum is not overly fond of strawberry ice cream, yes strange I know, but each to their own. Life would indeed be dull if we all like the same things.

So back to the drawing board and browsing through the latest Donna Hay magazine she had some mini strawberry tart tatins.  Mini rounds of puff pastry and strawberries all cooked in to caramel, again with a dollop of ice cream another perfect strawberries and cream combination and one that will just have to make an appearance at some point over the Summer months.

However I did want to use said strawberry jam rather than caramel and didn't want somewhat blackened tart tatins so turned them on their head in to some mini strawberry tartlets and on the side some of the best ice cream in the whole world.  A big call I know, and I am still working through an ever growing list of ice creams that I just must make, but anyone who has tried this one is pretty much in agreement, or at the very least that it is quite exceptional ice cream. You can read about it here and what flavour would that be?  Well that would be fennel ice cream.  It will even convert fennel haters to lovers!! For more on that head over here.

Strawberry Tartlets


1 sheet store bought puff pastry
Handful of  strawberries
Strawberry jam
1 egg, lightly beaten


Pre heat the oven to 190C/375F

Cut out little discs using a large cookie cutter and score an inner circle with a paring knife or an inverted ice cream scoop works a treat and gives you a perfect circle!  You want to leave this little edge to allow all that puff pastry to puff.

Half each strawberry and then slice almost to the end, but not quite, to allow you to fan out a half strawberry on each tartlet. Think pretty presentation of an avocado fan, just smaller.
Top with a little strawberry jam as a glaze and brush the edge with the beaten egg.  Pop in the oven for 20 minutes or until golden and puffed.  Serve warm with a dollop of ice cream, fennel ice cream works a treat with the strawberries.

Puff golden pastry, an explosion of strawberry flavour and a few dark, delicious little caramelized bits; I reckon those little bits are always the best.  Add to that a dollop of ice cream and the whole lot was scoffed.  Not a little tartlet or a single scoop of ice cream to be had.

If you like this you might like this Chocolate Caramel Tart

This is my entry for Sweet New Zealand which is being hosted by Bron over at Bron Marshall...for more more sweet inspiration head over here.



  1. Ciao Mairi, great entry for Sweet NZ, sweet and easy, and love the photos too, +1, and Happy New Year!!!


  2. Thank you for the lovely entry Mairi, they look divine I prefer your method than the heavier caramel & cooking for required for tatins. I spent this morning finally looking at DH mag on J's iPad (I had avoided 'til now as didn't want to "colour" my styling for my own Christmas stuff ;-)
    Happy New Year! xox

  3. Mairi, these look delicious, but I would have to wait for "real" strawberries to appear in our California markets:) I am trying not to be envious, but rather embrace our seasonal fruit, blood oranges and other citrus fruits:)
    Enjoy the time with your Mum and indulge her every whim:) For four months I rolled my eyes swearing obscenities when I prepared the food for my sick mother, defeating everything she taught me and everything I believe in:)
    Happy New Year, my dear friend!

  4. The perfect quick strawberry treat! Have a great New Year.

  5. And there I was wondering what I might do with my strawberry glut! Great idea and so timely.

  6. This is a great idea for a quick and easy strawberry dessert, and the perfect companion for your fennel ice cream - which is still on my must try list.

    Happy Hogmanay xo

  7. Absolutely divine. Happy New Year to you!

  8. @Alessandra Thanks Alessandra, Happy New Year to you too!

  9. @Bron Thanks Bron, oh and there's another reason to get an iPad!!

  10. @Lana Thanks Lana, wise words! Have a fabulous 2012!

  11. @peasepuddingThanks Alli...super quick & all scoffed in moments!

  12. @Domestic Executive Thanks Julie,,,,I wish I had a strawberry glut!

  13. @El Thanks El, and a very Happy New Year to you too!

  14. @El Thanks El, and a very Happy New Year to you too!

  15. Love your pretty little tarts! And I'm so intrigued by fennel ice cream...I went on a fennel kick a few years ago until my family declared mutiny and called an end to it. Perhaps I can restart the fennel craze and entice them with ice cream?


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