10 July 2011

Auckland Eats - KK Malaysian & 1 Year of Toast

The ladies in our little street have a Book Club.  We do chat a about books but is more about chatting about everything else over a few nibbles and a glass of vino or two.  I guess I am lucky to live in a street with so many lovely and like minded neighbours.  It all came about at our annual mid winter progressive dinner last year, so we have been having our monthly catch ups for a year now as tonight is again the night, if a little belated, of our mid winter dinner.  For tonight's festivities a shoulder of lamb is slowly roasting in the oven, perhaps more about that another time.

Hard to believe it has been a year, which also marks a belated 1st year birthday for this little blog.  It completely bypassed me until I had a wee look at the archives and saw that the first Toast post was 26 June 2010.  There have been a few changes and I hope a little progress made, especially on the writing and photography front!  As for the cooking, I just wish there were more hours in the day to cook everything that I want to, and to read every cook book I have from cover to cover.

I am not really sure where I am headed but it has been a fantastic journey so far and what stands out the most are all the wonderful people I have met, new friends, on line and off, and those that I have managed to meet face to face. So who knows what the next year will bring, but I for one can't wait to find out.

For this month's Book Club we decided to be a little different and head out to dinner.  A few minute up the road is KK Malaysian.  Whenever you drive past KK's it is packed and even in Winter people will be feasting on spicy Malaysian delights at the outside tables, despite the cold.

To kick things off we had KK Spring Rolls, homemade and vegetarian.  They were light, crisp tasty morsels dunked in the sweet chilli sauce.  Alongside these the Deep Fried Tofu, served with julienne onion, cucumber, wok roasted grated peanut and sweet chilli sauce.  A couple at the table were confirmed tofu fans and the rest of us were persuaded to try it.  I have never had tofu as I really just don't get the point of it, but I was willing to give it a go.  The dish was very good, the sharp onion, fresh clean cucumbers, toasty peanuts and a sweet chilli hit all working wonderfully well together and definitely lifted the tofu.  What can I say about tofu...I still really don't get the point of it.  I can't really say I like or dislike it, for me it

For the main event we ordered a veritable feast to be shared.  This is the best way to go at KK's as it is highly likely you will want to eat everything.  From a previous visit I recalled the KK Special chicken and it didn't disappoint.   Marinated chicken is twice cooked - deep fried and stir fried with garlic, onions, birds eye chillies, spring onion and a little salt.  These are sweet, hot, succulent and terribly moreish.  Polishing off a whole plateful would not be a problem.

To cover of the curry we had Beef Rendang was fragrant and aromatic with just a little heat and topped with toasted coconut.  Also on the table were ribs.  We were going to go with the KK Special ribs which like the chicken I am sure would have been quite delectable, but we were persuaded to branch out and try something different and plumped for the Coffee Ribs.  Tender pork coasted in a coffee infused marinade and topped with sesame seeds.  The pork was incredibly tender and there was the quite subtle hint of coffee.

We also sampled some noodles, Fried Kuey Teow.  They were fried flat rice noodles with dark soy sauce with bean sprout, chicken and seafood, satisfying and really quite moreish.  For a vegetable dish we had the eggplant with chicken, shrimp and spices.  Full of flavour and a new way with eggplant for me.  However, the other stand out of the evening was the Lak Zhi Fish.  Whole snapper with a tomato based sauce with fresh chilli and ginger topped with spring onion and coriander.  The sauce was so full of flavour, fragrant and it had the whole hot sour and sweet thing going on.  It was incredible...what I would give for the recipe to that sauce.

And all up, for what can only be described as a feast,$21 each!  An absolute bargain for what was totally delicious, yes delicious!  Full of flavour, aromatic, sweet, hot, sour and a little spicy...perfect for a wet and wild winter's evening to warm and nourish the soul.

KK Malaysian
463A Manukau Rd, Epsom, Auckland



  1. Happy Blog Birthday, well done Mairi :-). The restaurant looks good, especially the tofu, did they have many vegetarian mains?


  2. YUM - KK Malaysian's one of my favourites, especially the fried tofu and beef rendang.
    Congratulations on your blog birthday - well done. I love your iphone pics!

  3. Here goes, trying again. Too many chillies

  4. Oh yummy, I am a Tofu girl & that looks really good, KK is a handy spot after a movie at the Lido:) Happy Blog Birthday too!

  5. Thanks for the birthday wishes, can't believe it has been a year!

    Rebecca,,,happy you like the pics :)

  6. Congrats on 1 year of Toast! Looks like a delicious meal too. Those ribs look amazing - all those sesame seeds, and coffee?! Yum.

  7. Happy blogoversary - that's a great milestone :-)

    KKs definitely looks like a place I'd like to try - what a feast! Am intrigued by the Coffee Ribs - yum!

    Sue xo

  8. Congrats Mairi! I for one love your little blog and amazing iphone photos! Tried to go to KK last time I was in Akld - will have to try again next time, looks amazing.

  9. Happy late 1st Blog anniversary! They come round quick and when I look back I can't believe I posted so much and my first photo always gives me a laugh.


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