04 September 2010

Island Time Part Three

It certainly feels much longer than a week since my holiday!  At least after a night of wet and wild weather we have a sunny, blue skied morning in Auckland.  Check that looks to be a typical spring day, i.e. changeable and we have already had the first down pour!  Oh to be back in the islands.  Maybe a little reminiscing I can transport myself back there for a little while.  We decide on a very cute little cabriolet for our road trip - see pic (if one can call driving 32kms on the one road around an island a road trip!).  The terribly cute convertible won out well and truly over the scooter option, plus probably safer for us and everyone else on the road, plus we just couldn't resist releasing our inner Thelma and Louise and cruising around in a little red convertible with the roof down! Even with the speed limit of 50kms per hour it was still a lot of fun!

Made the biggest decision of the day,,,,clockwise or anticlockwise! Clockwise won out as that took us in to unexplored territory.  First stop a caffeine fix at Maire Nui Garden Centre and Cafe.  Beautiful gardens, full of native plant and flowers. Bar the voracious mosquitoes a picturesque spot for coffee.  So many beautiful hibiscus in so many stunning colours.  Back on the road and taking in all the beautiful scenery...it really is all picture postcard perfect. A little retail therapy en route and then a spot of lunch at the famous Trader Jacks.  A great spot for lunch - right on the ocean so more amazing views, seriously yummy food, good value to boot and a nice cold Corona...what more could one want??  We opted for the soft fish tacos,,,yum!
Tasty fish wrapped up with salad, a little cheese and some sour cream with good and spicy salsa on the side.  With a nice cold cerveza - perfect!
After a little more retail therapy, one can never have too much, and a lazy afternoon it was dinner at Kikau Hut.  It was round the other side of the island so another opportunity to cruise in our little red car.  Managed to catch a little of the sunset too which was spectacular.

Sunset Rarotonga

Arrived a little early, but not a problem.  Friendly owner and staff and a laid back vibe, what else on Raro!  We had a  really lovely meal.  Shared an entree - a crab, avocado and mango stack followed by the Chef's special chicken and a Cesar salad.  The chef's chicken was stuffed with cream cheese and shrimps with a mild curried sauce, potato of the day and fruit salsa. The chicken was tender and juicy and the sauce was just right.  All delicious, however the highlight would have to have been the banoffie pie...oh my!  It was just delectable. The coffee was pretty good too and certainly provided a caffeine hit.
The delectable banoffie pie.

Our final day another beautiful day in paradise...until the next time photos and great memories will have to suffice, but I highly recommend a little island time for everyone!

Muri Beach, Rarotonga


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